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Shine Developer

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A highly stable and creamy 100% Vegan oxidizing emulsion that guarantees volume stability and helps maintain an ideal pH level during coloring.


Joc Color Shine Developer contains Meadowfoam Flower Extract which helps protect hair while assuring color uniformity and brilliance.


Available in 1000 ml and 150 ml sizes.

Volumes: 10 Vol. - 20 Vol. - 30 Vol. - 40 Vol.

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Ensures a uniform and bright color adhering perfectly to the hair shaft.
FORMATO 150 ml
flacone: HDPE 2 (PLASTICA)
tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)

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FORMATO 1000 ml
flacone: HDPE 1 (PLASTICA)
tappo: C/PP 5 (PLASTICA)