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Exalt hair beauty with specific treatments specially designed to give new life to hair with visible and long-lasting results.
oro del marocco
All in One Hair Cream
Multi-purpose cream with repairing, protective and disciplining action.
oro di luce
Protein Filler
Protein restructuring pak to regenerate, replump and illuminate any hair type.
oro del marocco
pH 3.5 Sealer
Rebalances the natural pH of the hair while sealing and smoothing the cuticle for the maximum brilliance.
oro di luce
Fiala Ristrutturante
Fluido setificante, idratante e profondamente ristrutturante ideale per capelli secchi o indeboliti.

28,30 €

oro di luce
Pure Protein Cocktail
Rejuvenating and replumping concentrate with laminating and "botox" effect.