Acquisto online valido solo per Italia e San Marino



  • Where are Barex products made? Are they Made in Italy?
    Barex Italiana products are designed, formulated and manufactured in our headquarters in Zola Predosa, in the province of Bologna - Italy.
  • Are Barex products tested on animals?

    Barex Italiana products are not tested on animals, and never have been.

    Furthermore, in the European Union there is the Regulation (EC) n. 1223/2009 which prohibit testing of finished cosmetic products and individual ingredients on animals. For this reason, we do not report the phrase "not tested on animals" because it is also a practice against the law.


  • Do Barex products contain allergens?

    Any allergens present are included in the ingredients list, as required by the cosmetic law.

    After consulting the ingredient list of each product on the website, please contact us directly for further details or specific questions.

  • What does PAO means?

    The PAO ("period after opening") is a symbol shown on the packaging of each product, which indicates the number of months by which a cosmetic product must be used once it has been opened.

  • Can I use a Barex product after the date indicated by the PAO?

    After the indicated period, we can no longer guarantee the efficacy and integrity of the product. Also because we do not know how the product is stored and handled after opening.

  • How to store Barex products?
    We recommend keeping them away from sources of excessive heat.


  • How do I open an account?

    Click on the "user-shaped icon" at the top right.
    By clicking on "Create an account", another screen will open where you can enter your personal data.

    Accept the Privacy policy and the consent to the use of personal data. Finally, click on "Register".

  • How do I reset my password?
    You can reset a new password on the Login page by selecting "Forgot?" in the password field. Enter the email address used to register on the website and click on "Send instructions" to receive an email from which you can set a new password.


  • Which Barex products are available to buy online?

    You can purchase all retail products.
    Professional products and big sizes are not available for purchase.

  • How many Barex products can I buy?
    There are no purchase limits related to quantity, except for the availability of products in the warehouse.
  • How can I buy on

    At the top of each page, through the horizontal menu, you can navigate by macro-category (Categories, For you and Our brands). If you are looking for a specific product, you can click the "lens-shaped icon" and type what you are looking for.

    Once you have chosen the desired product, click on "Add to cart". As soon as you are ready to complete the purchase, click on the "shopping cart icon" at the top right and then on "Proceed with the order" to be guided in the purchasing process.

  • Is it possible to change the shipping address?

    Before completing the order in the "Account" section, you can manage different addresses.

  • Is it possible to modify an order once it's been placed?
    It is possible to add or remove items or change the registration and shipping data only during the purchase process, before proceeding to payment.

    Once the order is confirmed, it will no longer be possible to make changes.

  • How to use a promotional code?

    If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the "Discount code" field on the cart page, then click on "Apply".

    If the code has been entered correctly, the cart amount will be automatically recalculated according to the applied promotion.


  • In which countries can Barex products be purchased and shipped?
    Currently it is possible to purchase Barex products only in Italy and San Marino.
  • Which are the delivery times?

    La consegna avviene mediamente entro 2-3 giorni lavorativi da calcolare dal momento in cui il pacco parte dal magazzino. I prodotti saranno in ogni caso consegnati entro 30 giorni secondo i termini di legge. Per le spedizioni dirette in Calabria, Sicilia, Sardegna o altre isole minori è necessario considerare un giorno in più rispetto alle tempistiche sopra indicate.

  • How much is shipping?

    Garantiamo una tariffa di consegna di 8,90€.

  • What to do if I never received an order?

    Verifica che l'indirizzo fornito per la consegna sia corretto e completo prima di confermare il tuo ordine. Per altre problematiche, contatta il nostro Servizio Clienti all'indirizzo mail


  • What payments are accepted?

    You can choose the preferred payment between Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal.

  • Are payments safe?
    Payment is completely secure: credit card details are protected from unauthorized access by encrypted data transfer SSL ("Secure Socket Layer").


  • How to make a return?

    Puoi avvalerti del Diritto di Recesso se per qualsiasi ragione uno o più prodotti acquistati online non dovesse essere di tuo gradimento. Per esercitare tale diritto, contattaci su - entro il termine di 14 giorni lavorativi dalla data di ricevimento della merce - indicando il numero d'ordine. Per ulteriori informazioni, visita la sezione "Termini e condizioni".

  • How to get a refund?

    Il rimborso (di importo pari alla somma degli oggetti restituiti, escluse le spese di spedizione) viene eseguito mediante riaccredito su carta di credito o conto PayPal a
    seconda dello strumento utilizzato in fase di acquisto. Le tempistiche di rimborso sono in media di 15/20 giorni lavorativi. Per il rimborso di tutti o parte dei prodotti acquistati è necessario contattarci su Per ulteriori informazioni, visita la sezione "Termini e condizioni".