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  • Super Lightening Hair Cream 1:2
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Super Lightening Hair Cream 1:2

Lightening up to 5 tones and a wide range of trendy colors perfect for toning.


Joc Color Super Lightening Hair Cream is enriched with coloring micro-pigments for long lasting color results, remaining sealed in the cuticle: a latest generation technology that ensures the anchoring of the color to the fiber for intense colors and vibrant reflections.


With Jojoba Oil and Wheat Proteins.


100% Vegan


Format: 100 ml

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Maximum and natural coverage, color vibrancy and brilliance.
astuccio: PAP 21 (CARTA)
tubo: ALU 41 (ALLUMINIO)
tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)


Rich in minerals and vitamins E, B2 and B3, it has multiple beneficial virtues for hair and scalp.

It soothes and relaxes the scalp with a conditioning and emollient action, delivering extraordinary shine.


They penetrate quickly and deeply into the hair fiber carrying out a strongly restructuring, reinforcing and protective action.

They create an invisible film around the hair, restructuring and preventing breakage. They provide long-lasting hydration.