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  • Oro del Marocco crema superschiarente colorazione capelli barex Italiana
  • Oro del Marocco crema colorante superschiarente colorazione capelli barex italiana

oro del marocco

Extra Lifting Cream 1:2

Lightening up to 3 tones, maximum brightness and color intensity. Ammonia-Free formula.


Olioseta Oro del Marocco Extra Lifting Cream is enriched with Certified Organic Argan Oil.


Format: 100 ml

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Bright colour. Optimal scalp comfort and total respect for the hair structure.
astuccio: PAP 21 (CARTA)
tubo: ALU 41 (ALLUMINIO)
tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)


Used for centuries by Berber women of Morocco in their beauty recipes, Argan Oil is a precious elixir perfect for hair well-being. It deeply restructures the hair fiber, protecting it from external agents such as frizz and humidity. It performs a deeply nourishing and moisturizing action, giving brightness, softness and velvet texture to the hair.