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  • Oro del Marocco emulsione ossidante colorazione capelli Barex Italiana
  • Oro del Marocco emulsione ossidante 200 ml colorazione capelli Barex Italiana

oro del marocco

Cream Developer

Works in combination with Olioseta Oro del Marocco Ammonia Free Hair Colouring Cream or Extra Lifting Cream and with Blue Bleaching Powder.


Olioseta Oro del Marocco Cream Developer contains Certified Organic Argan Oil which deeply moisturizes and nourishes hair.


Available in 750 ml and 200 ml sizes.

Volumes: 7 Vol. - 10 Vol. - 20 Vol. - 30 Vol. - 40 Vol.


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Creamy texture for easy application and perfect colour development while respecting hair’s integrity. High stability and formulation that does not damaged the hair fiber.
FORMATO 200 ml
flacone: PET 1 (PLASTICA)
tappo: C/PP 5 (PLASTICA)

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FORMATO 750 ml
flacone: HDPE 2 (PLASTICA)
tappo: C/PP 5 (PLASTICA)


Used for centuries by Berber women of Morocco in their beauty recipes, Argan Oil is a precious elixir perfect for hair well-being. It deeply restructures the hair fiber, protecting it from external agents such as frizz and humidity. It performs a deeply nourishing and moisturizing action, giving brightness, softness and velvet texture to the hair.