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  • Superplex Polvere decolorante bianca 7 toni schiariture decolorazione capelli Barex Italiana
  • Superplex polvere decolorante colorazione Barex Italiana
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White Bleaching Powder

High Performance White Bleaching powder with integrated anti-breakage complex, ideal for any lightening technique. It leaves the shaft perfectly intact and elastic.


Superplex White Bleaching Powder lifts up to 7 tones guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort.


It strengthens and protects the hair fiber while hydrates and conditions the hair during lightening process.


With Polyamino Sugar Condensate, a blend of proteins and sugars which increases the strength of disulphide bonds and reinforces the hair.


Available in the 400 g format.

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Protected and fortified hair fiber. Conditioned and hydrated hair for optimal health. Reliable lightening with the maximum respect of the hair.
fascia: PAP 21 (CARTA)
vaso e tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)
sacchetto: ">PET+HDPE< 7" (PLASTICA)

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Superplex Polyamino Sugar Condensate capelli biondi Barex Italiana


Polyamino Sugar Condensate technology, a powerful blend of proteins and sugars, ensures maximum protection of the keratin structure of the hair during the entire bleaching process, leaving it healthy and soft.

It increases the strength of disulphide bonds and reinforces the hair, delivering consistency and stability.