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  • Permesse crema colorante colorazione capelli Barex Italiana
  • Permesse crema colorante colorazione capelli Barex Italiana vegan
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Hair Colouring Cream 1:1

An evolved chromatic technology for intense coverage, deep undertones and laminated shine.


Extra wide range to satisfy all hair salon needs.


Permesse Hair Colouring Cream is enriched with coloring micro-pigments which allow for deep penetration in the hair fiber, locking in color for long lasting results.


The precious Amber Extract deliver exceptional laminated shine to hair. The combined action of M4 Organic Blend acts on the most sensitized parts of the hair, guaranteeing a complete treatment.


100% Vegan - Gluten Free


Format: 100 ml

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100% coverage of white hair and an innovative coloring technology for intense, long-lasting color.
astuccio: PAP 21 (CARTA)
tubo: ALU 41 (ALLUMINIO)
tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)
Permesse ambra capelli colorati Barex Italiana Permesse ingredienti naturali Barex Italiana


Amber Extract and M4 Organic Blend for a multilevel technology. Amber, a powerful antioxidant ingredient, ensures a powerful laminating effect on the surface of the hair. The synergistic complex of 4 organic Microproteins fortifies and revitalizes the hair, protecting it from damage and providing extreme hydration.