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  • Joc Wave Neutralizzante Easy Curl permanente capelli ricci mossi Barex Italiana
  • Joc Wave permanente capelli ricci mossi Barex Italiana

joc wave

Easy Curl Neutralizer

Formulated as a functional complement to Easy Curl Lotion.


At the end of Lotion setting time, rinse thoroughly, without removing the rods. Then distribute Easy Curl Neutralizer. Duration up to 15 weeks.


Joc Wave Neutralizer is enriched with Mallow Extract and Cashmere Proteins.


Without Thioglycolic Acid, Ammonia-free.

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Long lasting curls and waves. Hydrated, soft, defined and elastic hair.
flacone: PET 1 (PLASTICA)
tappo: PP 5 (PLASTICA)

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Joc Wave permanente capelli malva Barex Italiana Joc Wave permanente capelli proteine cashmere Barex Italiana


The synergy between Mallow Extract and Cashmere Proteins guarantees exceptional softness, and elastic and defined curls. The correct hydration of the hair is restored, for strong, full-bodied and shiny hair.