Working together for you.

Team Barex

Barex Italiana is family owned business run by its founder, Sergio Baiesi, his son Carlo, Company President, and Alessandra, National Sales Manager. To ensure quality and innovation, alongside them, there is an experienced staff divided into various departments of Quality Control, Research & Development, Production, Sales and Export, Marketing, Purchasing and Administration.

Technical Team

For a complete support to hairdressers, Barex Italiana organizes shows and technical and stylistic training: cut, color and education on the product to be constantly updated. Thanks to the presence of an important technical team, led by the talented Artistic Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and composed by a team of expert colorists, stylists and technicians, the sophisticated Italian style by Barex Italiana is exported all over the world.

Photo Carlo Baiesi

From Barex Italiana’s president, Mr. Carlo Baiesi:

“Barex Italiana has always privileged the highest, uncomparable and unforgettable quality of the product. All of our passion, energy and investments are channelled into creating the most perfect and performing products for the beauty and wellness of hair, the best tools for artist’s creativity.

Because of our Italian heritage of craftmanship, for each and every product that is researched and formulated in our Bologna laboratories, nothing is left to chance. Behind every formula are countless hours of study, each detail is given meticulous attention. Every single natural ingredient, carefully selected for its authenticity and beneficial properties, has its own purpose and place. We test all fragrances, balance all blends, measure each consistency until everything is precisely right.

The result is a total harmony of formulas, luxurious textures, captivating scents in an endless variety of treatments that reflect our values of paramount quality and handcrafted care. And so, once our products have been packaged, shipped and delivered, I truly believe our clients can sense all the magic that’s bottled up inside.

My family members and I have been creating this sort of magic for over 45 years. And our love for what we do is what keeps us going.

Carlo Baiesi