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Pure Protein Cocktail
40% Keratin and Silk Proteins

150 ml

A revitalizing protein powered treatment to provide fine hair with body and to smooth coarse hair. It works like a filler on the hair shaft, creating a protective film and eliminating frizz while delivering body and extreme shine. Its formula contains over 40% of Keratin and Silk Proteins as well as Linseedswhich penetrate in the hair fiber, restructuring it for an immediately visible thicker effect.

Wash hair with Shine Shampoo then rinse. Apply Shine Mask and let set for 10 minutes then rinse out. Heat the product by placing the bottle in warm, 40° C water. Shake well and pour 30 ml of product in a bowl (suggested quantity for hair long approx. 30 cm, medium thickness). With a brush, evenly distribute the product on damp hair lengths and tips, keeping a distance of 1.5 cm from the roots. Let set for 10-15 minutes under a heat source (blow-dryer or hood dryer at 55°-60°C). Carefully rinse out with warm water and towel dry. Proceed with desired styling.

The treatment may be repeated once a month.