The organic certifications for many of our ingredients are proof that these are not just words, but a real commitment that guides our daily research. Here is a selection of certified organic and natural ingredients that you can find in our products.



The story of grapeseed extract blends with the history of man. Native to Asia Minor, the vine is cultivated in Greece since the fifteenth century b.c.

The Greeks dedicated a cult to grapeseed, considering it the emblem of civilization. In popular tradition, the leaves harvested at their full development, are used to make “astringent and refreshing” herbal teas and the extracts were used medicinally for disorders of the circulation.

Rich in polyphenols , minerals and malic acid, protects the hair proteins from oxidative and environmental stress, prolonging color duration in time. Helps rebalance pH  after coloring, closing the scales and sealing in color for a shiny effect.

Grape seed extract is present in:



Exclusively in the small region of Souss in Southern Morocco grows the Argania Spinosa tree. From its seeds comes the precious oil that for generations has been the beauty secret of Berber women. Despite the scarcity of water in the subsoil, the Argania tree can live up to 150-200 years in age.

Argan Oil is derived from its seeds with exceptional nourishing, regenerating and protective properties. Defined by the indigenous peoples as “liquid gold”, Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Phytosterols. It has a nourishing and hydrating action without weighing down the hair or leaving residues; gives hair shine, smoothness and a velvety texture.

Argan Oil is present in:
Olioseta Oro del Marocco
Barex Italiana haircare



The first references to the use of Moringa in the medicine date back to 2000 b.c. in Northern India. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Moringa contains the beneficial qualities of 300 different foods.

The tree is known in Africa as well as Nebeday (from “never die”, the tree that never dies, due to its ability to grow and develop in any inhospitable terrain). The oil derived from the seeds was used since ancient times for the preparation of cosmetics, medicines and religious ointments.

It produces a conditioning and strengthening effect on normal or damaged hair.

Moringa extract is present in:




The black currant is native to the mountainous regions of Eurasia, and grows in the north and center of Europe and Northern Asia. The latin name derives from the Arabic Ribas, a particular Lebanese rhubarb which, according to the Moor conquerors in Spain , would have the same taste and same properties. On hair, it performs a protective, anti-fading action to make colour last in time.

Blackcurrant extract is present in:
Barex Italiana haircare



The Macadamia tree , native to the rainforests of northern Australia , now grown in many tropical and subtropical areas of Australia, the Hawaiian Islands, Central America, Brazil and South Africa. Its trunk can reach up to 12 meters in height.

Among the oilseeds, Macadamia nuts are those with higher content of monounsaturated fatty acids, valuable to our well-being: widely recognized for their restructuring, nourishing, restorative and moisturizing power, the fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins A, E, B1 and B2. For hair, Macadamia Oil has exceptional nourishing, hydrating and softening properties.

Macadamia Oil is present in:
Oro del Marocco SOLEIL
Barex Italiana haircare



The history of the use of lavender is lost in the mists of time: even the ancient Romans used it to perfume the bath water and its name, in fact, derive from the Latin word “wash”.

Described as one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in history, due to its calming and soothing properties, it’s essential Oil helps to soothe the scalp and it is effective in the fight against dandruff for its detoxifying effect.

Lavender extract is present in: