With over 49 years of experience, Barex Italiana has become a landmark
for hairdressers in Italy and all around the world.
A true example of the “MADE IN ITALY” excellence. 

Since 1967, year of its establishment, Barex Italiana has been developing, producing and distributing products for the beauty and wellness of hair: from colour to treatment and to styling, offering the professional complete solutions for in-salon services.


A family owned business, Barex Italiana today is run by it’s original founder, Sergio Baiesi, by his son Carlo Baiesi, President, and by his daughter Alessandra Baiesi, National Sales Account.

A competent staff in the Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, R&D, Quality Control, Production and Export departments, are guided by the Baiesi family. Thanks to their entrepreneurial know-how, endless creativity and true passion for the field Barex Italiana has  brought innovation to the haircare market and is known for its uncomparable quality of products and services.

The Research and Development laboratory represents the heart of the company where only the most advanced technologies and purest active ingredients are used. Every single product is created with an artisan-like approach and formulated with natural or certified organic ingredients that guarantee maximum quality, recognized by all our clients.

Present in over 38 nations worldwide, including USA, Japan and Russia, Barex Italiana responds specifically to each single market’s needs, bringing Italian style elegance and sophistication all over the globe.

Barex Italiana firmly believes in the importance of education and training and provides hairdressers with support through technical colour and cutting seminars as well as hair shows for constant updates on the latest fashion trends. A team of highly qualified professional trainers led by Barex’s incredibly creative Artistic Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo, make our training programmes a unique and unforgettable experience.