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Pure Protein Therapy: the ultimate botox effect for hair!

Our latest tutorial!
After the successful launch of Oro di  Luce Pure Protein Cocktail, the only product with 40% of pure Keratin and Silk proteins, we have created a video for professional hairdressers.
Watch step by step and results of PURE PROTEIN THERAPY – botox effect ritual – that instantly transforms hair!
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Celebrating 50 years of activity in the haircare!

Happy birthday Barex!

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Coming soon… at Cosmoprof Bologna!

Are you ready for one styling product that does it all? JOC STYLE gives you a brand new straight+curly fluid gel: GLOSS GLAZE, perfect for both smoothing ‪hair‬ as well as defining ‪curls‬. With Panthenol and Moringa Extract to protect hair from pollution and external agents.
Extremely versatile, JOC GLOSS GLAZE is the ideal product for many trendy looks!

Come and check it out at ‪Cosmoprof‬ Bologna!
You’ll find Barex Italiana in Hall 32 – STAND A9 B10.. see you there!


Happy 49th Birthday Barex Italiana! Here’s a double interview to Carlo and Alessandra Baiesi.

It’s been 49 years since brothers Sergio and Renato Baiesi made their dream come true: founding a company that produces haircare products named Barex. Today the Company is led by Sergio’s son and daughter, Carlo and Alessandra Baiesi. To celebrate this important anniversary, here is a special double interview that takes us back in time, through memories, first impressions and brings us to understand Barex Italiana’s true values.

Carlo and Alessandra, both of you were born around the same time as Barex Italiana. Can you tell us about the first time your father took you to visit the Company? What did you find most striking?
C: Well, I was quite small when this happened so I don’t have a precise memory of the moment. What I do remember is the fragrance that filled the Company which I can still smell: for years, that scent, that cosmetic fragrance, represented the adult world to me, meaning the working world and it’s still like that today.

A: At home we always spoke about Barex, we grew up with the Company! One of the most vivid memories I have from when I was little is seeing the production facility with huge cisterns full of one of our most successful products of the 1970s, “Softy Gel”, an electric blue sea of jelly in which I would have loved to dive into!

• 49 years: what an amazing milestone for a family-run business. Which do you feel are the strongest advantages of being a family-run Company?
C: I think that one of our strengths is that every department of the Company is directly supervised and managed by a member of the family. This way, we are able to give great attention to every single passage and step and this is reflected in the richness of details in the final product or service.

A: Our strength is in the harmony of our interpersonal relations as well as our responsiveness: because we know each other so well, the decision making process runs smoothly and quickly. Even when there are diverging opinions on important issues, there is always respect for one another.

• It’s not easy to tell a story almost 50 years long. Carlo, can you name 3 words that summarize the history of Barex?
Attention, respect and responsibility.

• Alessandra, since the Comany is tied to the tradition of formulas based on botanical ingredients, if Barex were a plant, what plant would it be?
Barex could be a solid, leafy oak tree with extremely deep roots that each springtime buds anew.

• Picture yourselves writing a letter to Barex Italiana for 2030. What advice would you give to the Company? What are your expectations?
C: I would wish for Barex would reach this future anniversary by staying true to it’s values, the founding values that have shaped the Company’s character over all this time. This doesn’t mean being hostile to changes but rather knowing how to adapt yourself without losing or giving up the building blocks that have made you what you are.

A: I would wish for Barex to continue working with respect for the environment like we’ve always done and to continue searching for innovative, eco-friendly natural ingredients that support sustained development like in our OLIOSETA ORO DEL MAROCCO brand.

Thanks to Carlo and Alessandro for the inspirational replies and to all those who through the years have contributed to the achievement of this very important anniversary.


Expo 2015: the beauty and fragility of our planet’s eco-system.

Expo 2015- Milan has finally opened it’s doors to the world. Here, in Italy’s international and cosmopolitan capital, you are brought face to face with hundreds of different cultures and traditions, all to discover.

A full report on the Expo would take pages and pages but we’d like to focus on a special area called the Island Cluster: sea and food. When we refer to “Clusters” we mean dedicated spaces of the Expo that gather the exhibition areas of different countries together which share the same theme that represents them.

Islands, Sea and Food is a real and at the same time imaginary space. An area where the most beautiful islands of all the world exhibit together and where we can see and compare their unique ecosystems. The islands represented are the Maldives, the Carribean, Madagascar, Guinea Bissau and Capo Verde.

Visiting this cluster is a truly pleasant and relaxing experience: picture perfect places where colours, flavours and scents nourish our soul and body. Look above and you’ll see a sky made of bamboo.

Besides feeling like you’re in paradise, the visitor also understands the real purpose of the pavillion which is to raise awareness on the fragility of these delicate ecosystems that are threatened by climatic change.

Barex Italiana promotes sustainable development and respects biodiversity which is why we purchase our incredible variety of natural ingredients only from suppliers that guarantee natural extraction methods and sustainability. Argan Oil for our Oro del Marocco brand is purchased from a supplier that uses the profits earned from the harvest of the nut to finance a project that provides and educational and professional training programme for the Berber women involved in the production of the Oil.


A trip back home.

We’ve travelled to many exotic destinations in this blog, journeying all over the world: from Marocco to Siberia, from Camerun to Brazil. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the treasures we have right here, in our hometown of Bologna. It’s right here that Barex Italiana has grown for almost 50 years, becoming a landmark for hairdressers worldwide. We’d like to suggest a few places so you can get to know this amazing city that we know you’ll love. Here is the “must see” list:

Bologna: “the best of” according to Barex:

Bologna’s underground rivers. Not many people know that Bologna used to be a port city and that it was full of canals, just like Venice! Underneathe the modern city are tons of underground rivers and canals that have recently been restored by the association “Amici delle vie dell’acqua” (Friends of the water ways). The guided visits are very interesting and unique, available only in certain seasons.

The porticos of San Luca. In 1721 the 666 arches of the San Luca portico were completed, creating one of the most spectacular works of architecture of our region. The construction was financed by Bologna’s own citizens: from the poor to the nobles, from the clergy to corporations and artisans. The best time to see them is at dusk, just before the sunset when the shadows of the pillars extend lengthy on the pavement.

Medieval Bologna. An amazing downtown area where hundreds of tiny and narrow roads and alleys cross one another. Full of shops, boutiques and cafés, you’ll find just about everything here from bakerys to butcher shops and high fashion boutiques.

Botanical Garden. If you enjoy peace and quiet, this corner of Bologna is perfect for you. Hundreds of trees, plants and flowers make the botanical garden a green getaway in the heart of the city. You’ll find rare species of trees, multicolored leaves and a relaxing atmosphere.

The Podestà Palace. One of Bologna’s most famous landmarks, its known not only for its beauty but for its particular ability to transmit sound: with a friends, place yourselves close to 2 pillars that are opposite to eachother and then start whispering! Surprise! You can hear yourselves perfectly even though you’re distant!à

These are just a few of the many secrets to discover in our beautiful hometown…come and discover Bologna with us!





How to prepare a lovely herbs and flowers bath.

With the first hint of bad weather , a beauty cuddle is needed. But there’s not always for a visit to the beauty salon for a relaxing massage. That’s why today we offer you the recipe for a lovely scente herb bath.
First, get yourself the herbs that you want to put into your bath. We will suggest a recipe, but the best is certainly the one that comes from your imagination and your preferences. Get some thyme and rosemary sprigs, lavender flowers and orange and lemon peel (as an alternative mint is also fine ). Now, dip the herbs and peel in a medium saucepan full of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Once off the heat, filter the fragrant water thus obtained and pour it into the bath tub that you have already proceeded to fill it with lukewarm water. The only caution is to not add any bath detergent: the herbs must remain the absolute protagonists of this bath.

To give a touch of color to your bath, add a few flowers of geranium or some rose petal. The end result will be a lovely time to relax, to be savored alone, with the soft background of a 50s jazz.



“I dreamt a vintage wedding…”

Last night one of the girls of the editorial staff had a lovely dream, which we believe is worthwhile telling.
Everything began in a garden by nightfall, here and there were arranged white enamel tables and some paper lanterns wafted in the air a soft and romantic light. Then suddenly the distant sound of a accordion, a light rain of colorful butterflies and a procession of fireflies announced the arrival of the bride: a wedding very similar to what today fashion journalists would name vintage wedding.

Taking a cue from this dream we want to suggest a simple and deliciously vintage wedding hairstyle  perfect if you have long hair.

Just comb your hair back and divide it into two portions, an upper and a lower one. The upper portion of the hair will be gathered in a half-bun, while the lower portion will remain down, flowing and slightly moving on the shoulders. A unique accessory would be a crown of bridal veil in a tubular shape, tied with a satin ribbon around the neck.

Because sometimes you just need a detail to capture the fleeting nature of a dream and make it an element of reality.


guara birds

La “Rota das emoçoes”

In Barex’s R&D lab you can find ingredients that come from all over the world. They are the purest botanical extracts that come from uncontaminated and incredibly beautiful areas. Inspired by one of these ingredients, the Brazil Nut (following this link you’ll discover in which products can be found → today we’ll talk about the Rota das Emoçoes.

The Rota das Emoçoes is a path that connects three regions in North-East of Brazil: Ceara, Piaui and Maranhao. Along these roads the tourist will encounter a varied and heterogeneous ecosystem, where the sightseeing opportunities are endless. Ideal for those who love surfing and wind-surfing, this itinerary is well suited for other passions. Who has a passion for nature and adventure will be satisfied by the three different areas of environmental conservation in the territory, or for gastronomic tours, or even for local handicrafts.

Without going into the detail of this incredible journey (all the useful information on it is good to focus on some of the positive values ​​that make it an ideal sustainable  travel destination,  for the development of Brazil. The Rota das Emoçoes was in fact created in 2005 and aims to support the local economy, to promote a model of sustainable tourism, to teach the importance to the people and supporting the local government.

A treat not to miss? The flight of the Guara, big and red birds that cross the Delta of Parnaíba, close to the water. In the background, only the sunset.


Fighting cellulite from your desk

We know. Against cellulite there isn’t a sure cure, but it certainly is possible to improve the appearance of cellulite with some simple tricks.

Postures that facilitate water retention
One of the main causes for the appearance of cellulite is an incorrect posture in the office. Think about it. Most of the time when we find ourselves in front of the computer we are a bit hunched over with our legs crossed. Not to mention the fact that we never stand up or almost never. Solution? It seems that doing some simple exercises at your desk can help make things better.

Your desk is a gym!
Imagine an office composed almost exclusively by women when they are aware of the fact that the exercises at the desk are useful against cellulite. Initially you will see some timid legs up, slowly spines will become straighter and within half an hour everyone will be excercising! Don’t believe us? Recommend these exercises to your coworkers and then let us know.

The four exercises to get you going:

  1. Toned stomach. Sit down, contract your belly and keep it contracted for at least 10 consecutive seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise at least 20-30 times.
  2. Movement. In a moment of pause, stand up and sit on the chair at least 10-15 times in a row.
  3. Solid gluts. Contract your gluts for 2-3 minutes in a row.
  4. Toned legs. From sitting with your legs together, lift up and lower your tense legs at least 20 times in a row, trying to contract stomach and gluteus.

It’s important to have perseverance. If you are able to perform these little exercises every day, you will get into shape…while working!