Barex team, with the Art Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and photographer Matteo Macchiavello, have created the beautiful MIXY COLLECTION.

Mixy Collection comes from the idea of uniting different elements that are apparently incompatible to create something actually quite surprising and extraordinary. 
In an increasingly interconnected world, the migration of populations and the integration of cultures continuously generates new forms, colors and trends.
A society that is rich in unexpected beauty is at the threshold! 
And women emerge as the most important testimonials of this constant change.
A new concept of beauty  is therefore represented by the blending of colours, lines, volumes and textures that once distinguished one culture from another. This new concept of beauty contemplates all differences, celebrating cultures and traditions by mixing them: Africa meets Asia, Asia blends with the Balcans, the rigid linearity of the East meets softer, more seductive lines of the West. Ethnic aspects of different traditions overlap to create modern and sophisticated looks, matching contemporary women’s needs.
Photo: Matteo Macchiavello
Hair Director: Giuseppe Scaramuzzo
Makeup: Rossano Fasano 
Styling: Fabio Caserta
Products: Barex Italiana 
Concept: MPR Comunicazione integrata 
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SUPERPLEX: the new frontier of bleaching

Our new Bleaching Powder: www.barex.it/en/products/superplex!

SUPERPLEX Bleaching Powder in 5 points:

  1. It is the maximum evolution of bleaching powder that lightens up to 7 tones, with complete respect for the integrity of the hair fibre.
  2. It consists of a single product to be applied in a single phase, which makes it easy, practical and safe to use.
  3. It develops in the same times of a traditional bleaching powder, while ensuring a better performance because it respects the integrity of the hair.
  4. It allows the hairdresser to dare and be creative for clients who like to change their look often and for clients who like extreme looks, ensuring maximum hair protection.
  5. Lower cost per application, compared to products which require an additional product tp be added to the bleaching mixture.
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The new updo collection by Barex Italiana’s Artistic Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo.

Geometric and structured shapes are turned into something more romantic through beautiful and extremely original floral compositions, evidently inspired by classic bridal bouquets.

The use of fresh flowers, says Scaramuzzo, originates from exotic cultures in which flowers used as ornaments for the bride symbolize the consecration of love and the promise of pureness and faithfulness.

Flowers used as accessories can be adapted to every single kind of wedding dress and theme and they are perfect for highlighting a bride’s features such as eyes, skin color and hair color since they come in many hues and shapes.  Just like the bride, every flower is unique!

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JUXTAPOSED GEOMETRY Collection: a return to the essence of things

Hairstyles are inspired by geomtric shapes to create clean-cut lines and forms. No excess volumes, no bizarre colors, nothing out of place. Extreme precision in the creation of these hairstyles styles thanks to high expertise in technique.



Barex team, with the Art Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and photographer Paolo Ranzani, have created the beautiful JUXTAPOSED GEOMETRY COLLECTION.

A return to the essence of things: forms pure and simple.

Objects are free from any superstructure.  Complex figures become pure geometry. Subjects are static, as though frozen in a moment of synthetic perfection. Garments are defined by few, simple lines reveal a lean elegance, without useless details. Shapes, at times rigid, others softer, recall solid geometry. Volumes are cubic, conical, spherical and egg-shaped.

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NEW LUX Collection: the secret of beauty

What secrets does a woman’s heart hold?
Welcome to a world of beauty and intimacy where the luxury of time goes slowly.

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JOC: new advertising campaign

We are proud to present the new JOC advertising page.

From Barex Italiana comes a complete brand: more than 45 professional products to combine together to create exclusive and tailor made services. 4 different lines: from scalp treatments to haircare, from colour to styling.

JOC: a whole new world devoted to the hairdresser.



Barex team, with the Art Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and photographer Paolo Ranzani, have created the beautiful NEW LUX COLLECTION..

Lux is a new light, the light of beauty, of intimacy, of femininity.
Lux is a new kind of luxury, the luxury of feeling free, indipendent and original.

New Lux Collection is the bright light of today’s woman and her gorgeous hair: shiny, glossy, natural yet intentionally imperfect.
Gold, lace, embroidery, brocades, reminiscences of age-old nobility, antique luxury and sophistication are reconsidered with a modern touch and expressed with youthfullness and self-confidence.

Baroque elegance is contrasted with the carefreeness of messy updos, of imperfect braids, of slightly wavy tresses that fall fluidly on the shoulders. Hair colour tones are warm blondes and light browns, all extremely natural and shiny like gold. All this is New Lux.


OLIOSETA Oro Del Marocco Soleil: new advertising campaign

We are proud to present the new OLIOSETA Oro del Marocco Soleil advertising page. Beauty, shine and seduction thanks to the magical properties of Argan and Macadamia Oil.



“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it creates the visible.”
Paul Klee

Light and shadows, brightness and darkness, black and white, evanescent and transgressive figures, these contrasts are the protagonists of Giuseppe Scaramuzzo’s new collection for Barex Italiana, summarizing the style and attention to details in a company whose philosophy is to make each woman unique, versatile and fashionable, combining art and trendiness and the concept of naturalness.
The alchemy of colors, shapes and details reveal a new multifaceted femininity that is unpredictable. A woman with long blond hair, an icon of a little retro romance; the sensuality of a soft flowing hair, enriched by the red of the dress and the aggressiveness of a low chignon exasperated by a black swarovski mask, indicating strength, character and decision. Three different ways to express the personality of the same woman.
Dark, long and harmonious hair enhance the passion of women in all its facets; hair in a neat updo in a 50′s style bun, expresses elegance, style and chasteness. Nothing is taken for granted, art is innovation, research, imagination….

 “Nothing is beautiful, everything depends on the beholder, beauty is versatile”
Philippe Starck